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Damien Cares Provides Essential Health Care for Individuals with HIV.

All Damien Cares patients receive the highest quality care from our team of medical, mental health, and social service specialists. The Damien Cares Clinic's holistic approach ensures that people with HIV/AIDS live lives of maximum wellness.

Damien Cares Provides Unique Medical Services for Individuals with HIV

At the Damien Cares clinic, we focus on patients as individuals. Our clinic provides HIV services with a focus on primary, transgender, and high-risk HIV negative care. The clinic also provides patients with a medical case manager, mental health and substance abuse counseling services, and access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) for those at substantial risk for contracting HIV.

At the Damien Cares clinic, our medical staff emphasizes the importance of well-rounded care and will take the time to talk with you about your treatment options, adherence to medication, and possible side effects. Your health is important to us and we want our patients to take an active role in their medical plan by communicating your needs and concerns with our medical staff. All treatment plans are developed collaboratively with patients to promote holistic wellness and HIV prevention.

How Do I Know Damien Cares is Right for Me?


About Damien Cares Clinic

Damien Cares, established in 2015, offers individuals living with HIV in central Indiana access to infectious disease care and primary care. The clinic also offers PrEP and PEP for those at substantial risk for contracting HIV.

Damien Cares provides an opportunity for patients to work with a team of professionals who support health and well-being with a holistic approach. All staff members are trained professionals who are committed to ensuring that each patient's needs are met.

Damien Cares, housed within The Damien Center, provides patients the opportunity to receive medical care through the clinic, while also receiving non-medical and support services through The Damien Center if needed. The partnership between Damien Cares and The Damien Center is a key factor in ensuring that patients receive wrap-around services and holistic wellness as they work toward self-sufficiency.

Who Will I See at Damien Cares?

Christy Dixon
Helen Rominger

Helen has worked in HIV care for over 20 years, first as a research nurse practitioner and then as a clinical nurse practitioner at an infectious disease clinic. She has vast experience with providing primary and specialty care to individuals diagnosed with HIV and other chronic illnesses. She has also been a faculty member at the Indiana University School of Nursing, lecturing on HIV/AIDS care and education. Helen has also held leadership positions on committees related to HIV/AIDS and has authored and co-authored articles and book chapters on various HIV issues.

Christy Dixon
Christy Dixon

Christy Dixon was born and raised in Indiana. She was first a Licensed Practical Nurse, and went on to obtain her Registered Nursing Degree from Marian College (now called Marian University) in Indianapolis. She obtained her Masters of Science in Nursing from Indiana University School of Nursing in Indianapolis and board certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in 2012.

Ms. Dixon has experience in inpatient psychiatric care for adults and youth with mental health and /or substance abuse diagnoses, and has also had a private practice serving both adults and youth in Greenwood, Indiana before she joined Damien Cares. Ms. Dixon’s special interests are mood disorders and providing care to patients whom have been stigmatized by HIV, Mental Illness, Poverty, and Substance Abuse. She is accepting new patients.

How Can We Help?

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HIV 101

Need To Know More About HIV?

HIV can be complicated to understand, so starting with the basics is helpful. Check out our FAQs to help answer some of the most common questions about HIV.

Want to learn more? Visit AIDS.gov for comprehensive HIV/AIDS information, resources, and more.

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